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Université Caraïbe

Editions Universite Caraibe offers:

Textbooks for school children

Teacher training books

Dictionaries and other reference books

Picture and Coloring books for children

Editions Universite Caraibe books and materials are written and designed by Faculty members of the University’s School of Education and other Artists, writers and illustrators from Haiti.

Editions Universite Caraibe offers material in Creole, French, English and Spanish (bilingual format).

The textbooks are very innovative in content and in format. They respect the language and the culture of the country. They have been tested within the University's system. They develop proper social, moral and civic values, as well as creativity and critical thinking.

The educational textbooks allow teachers to develop their own teaching style and fully understand classroom dynamics.

The general concepts are presented in a familiar context making it easy to master and put into practice.

The dictionaries are useful reference materials for liberal arts, science in general and also provide specific knowledge of Haitian culture and history.

Native stories as well as stories from all over the world are told in a way to help and motivate children to read and enjoy reading.

special care to design interesting and pleasant books for children and adults

Matériel pédagogique pour les différents niveaux d'enseignement en Haiti... Materyel pedagojik ak liv timoun... Diksyonè Kreyòl... Creole Dictionary... Creole \ English Dictionary... Dictionnaire Français \ Créole... Gougou... Sekrè Fifi...
Editions Université Caraïbe

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